Busy Days

It’s the  song we all know; you are rudely awakened early in the morning by a loud beeping noise, only to rush ourself out the door as quickly as possible. You hurry off to your extremely important activities and push yourself to be the most efficient and organised person throughout the day. Time cannot and will not be wasted.
But by doing so we are acting like robots, letting our brain be programmed by our schedules. Why do we do this? How could we ever have started believing this is the way it is supposed to be? What made us think a hectic, crammed life is the key to a fulfilling life?
In modern society it has almost become the norm to suffer from a depression or burn out at least once a lifetime, whereas suffering from these conditions used to be rare.  So it is good to know it is possible, but how should you approach your daily schedule in order to keep your mental state as stable as possible while leading a fulfilling, happy life?
Take 7 steps.

1. Set your priorities.
Find out which activities are truly  important to you and which can be put off until later or excluded completely. By doing this you give yourself time to relax, socialize or sleep. You end up with more minutes to do what you love and truly matters.

2. Take your time.
This will help you live in the present and focus on the present. Instead of getting things out of the way as soon as possible, take your time. Truly commit to what you are doing and you will be much more satisfied with the result. Don’t worry about investing time; results will be rewarding.

3. Allow yourself to make mistakes.
Taking risks leads to living a fulfilling, exiting life. When you allow yourself a little more room to breathe and experiment you will have more fun and experience new things. By trusting yourself more often you will also gain more self-confidence and skill. So don’t let the fear of failure prevent you from trying, you will be amazed at your own potential.

4. Be kind to yourself.
Take care of yourself the way you would take care of your best friend. Cheer yourself up, comfort yourself with fun activities and remember to give yourself that kick in the rear when it’s time to move on. Only be as harsh to yourself as you would be to your best friend.  You are worth love and patience.

5. Listen to your intuition.
This is guaranteed to make you feel better. Sleep when you get tired, not when your last chore is finished. Eat when you are hungry, not when you are bored. Don’t base your opinion on what others tell you if your instincts tell you otherwise. By listening to your intuition you will get to know yourself and learn to trust and love yourself more.

6. Pay attention.
Do not let yourself get occupied to the point where you cannot notice life around you anymore. Paying attention means noticing and helping when your friend is acting depressed and telling your co-worker her new haircut looks great. Noticing playing children or baby bunnies can instantly lift your mood although it takes some practice to start paying attention. Notice the little things that matter.

7. Embrace change
Change makes us adapt and makes us alter our schedules.  When we cling to our schedules too much we start fearing change, thus becoming inflexible and restrictive. But when we embrace change, trust everything will be fine and accept the fact we cannot control everything, we will find peace. We will be open to learning new things and will be able to stay calm and relaxed in unexpected situations.
At first, practicing these steps might not go as smoothly as you wish for. Changing your habits will always be though! The one thing that helps is to remember the reward; leading a fulfilling life.
Remember, practice makes perfect. So take small steps at a time and let the results speak for themselves.

Have a nice evening!


I Love..

..Blood oranges.


The challenge of peeling their thick skin of


Their sweet, tangy smell filling the air and my hands


Their gorgeous membranes, coloured bright orange and blending into a deep, mysterious, bordeaux red


Their sweet and sour taste pampering my tastebuds , awakening my mind


The smile they never fail to bring to my face.

(Season = Januari – March)

I love..

.. being soothed by the sound of raindrops, trickling down my window.

It always makes me appreciate how lucky I am to be safe and warm. And so, it eases my mind and helps me relax.

Quest #001

Close your eyes and think back.

When was the last time you acted impulsively, just because you felt like it?

Keep them closed and try to remember how it felt. Were you filled with childish enthusiasm or did you get to feel naughty all day? It can be liberating and exuberating to act out of character, just because you want to.

For this reason I will provide you with a quest every week, so you can experience those feelings  more often and enjoy life in all its different, unexpected ways.
Think of the quest as a fun personal challenge that enables you to act a little different than usual and makes you think outside the box!  It is an exercise for your mind and soul. Topics and difficulties will vary.

Quest #001

Write a letter to a family member who has been an inspiration to you.

1. Use the words grateful, help, feeling, open, future, person, life in your letter
2. Put a valid stamp on the envelope
3. Have the letter delivered in the mailbox of your recipient
4. The letter must be put in the mail by January 10, 2011 by 18:00.

Good luck and enjoy yourself!

Inspired in the Kitchen

Being a blender fanatic I just love experimenting with different kinds of liquid desserts, sauces and snacks. Thanks to my passion for blending I have a childhood favorite to share with you, based on a typical Dutch dessert called Blanke Vla, which resembles a delicious, runny vanilla pudding. I used to love this growing up and still crave it every day. And being so easy and delicious, I eat it every day as well. Try for yourself and have a taste of Holland tonight!


The flavours and texture of this dessert are a match made in heaven for sugar lovers. The few ingredients used truly get their chance to shine through; the vanilla and maple are so sweet yet bring a deep, smoky and subtle flavour to the soy milk base. The agar is tasteless and the soy gives the treat just a hint of umami and depth. The chilled, creamy vla glides down your throat smoothly and leaves a big smile on your face.  

Ingredients (1 s) :

Unsweetened Soy Milk , 1 cup
Agar-Agar Flakes, 2 ts
Vanilla Essence, 1 Tbs
Maple Syrup,  3 ts

Let’s go!

1 Put the agar-agar flakes and soy milk in a pan, bring to a boil
2 Once the mixture is boiling turn of the heat and allow the mixture to cool completely. It will firm up.
3 In your blender, add the vanilla essence, maple syrup and cooled soy mixture. Blend it all together.
4 Put the mixture in the freezer for about 10 minutes to get a really nice, chilled vla.
5 Grab a spoon (or decorate your vla with some grated chocolate or other sorts of sprinkles) and enjoy that smooth, creamy and sweet treat!

You can make this dessert as rich as your heart desires by adding whipped cream or flavorless oil to the soy base. Both versions are lovely.
If you’re using sweetened soy milk, decrease the amount of maple syrup for 1 teaspoon.  The flavours won’t be as well-balanced in that case.